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Digital Signage is a fractured market, with many suppliers for both displays and players. Many solutions end up being simple looped players with limited functionality or complex requirements of operating system support and software programming learning curves. MediaSign focuses on a reliable, easy to use system that scales to thousands of displays.

MediaSign is based on an IoT MediaSign Player, built on V-eCom's embedded system platform since 1998. The design of the player is based on our core Linux based operating system which is designed to be reliable. The hardware that hosts the MediaSign player is also designed to be reliable, without any moving components such as fans or disk drives. Its power supply is also decoupled from the CPU, allowing quick servicing and removing a key heat source from the CPU. This allows the solution to be very rugged and has been proven to operate for up to 8 years in a 24x7 environment.

MediaSign players come in two firmware and hardware variants.  For firmware, the players can host either MediaSign Lite or MediaSign Enterprise versions of the firmware.

MediaSign Lite is designed as a stand alone player, with a content management system built into the same hardware as the player. Managing MediaSign Lite is simple, just connect to it using a modern browser. No additional software required. You can ingest contents,  manage them in blocks (we call this a Playlist) and schedule the blocks in a 24 hour day (we call this a Programme). These 24 hour days can then be scheduled on a specific day in the calendar year (a Schedule). So you can differentiate content playback based on time of day as well as day of the year.

MediaSign Enterprise is V-eCom’s flagship product, capable of managing massive signage networks. MediaSign Enterprise is built on our MediaBase content management system (CMS) that allows flexibility to share datasets across multiple applications. MediaBase works by allowing plugins to the CMS to extend functionality of the CMS to various vertical applications. 

MediaSign Enterprise works with large networks, even disparate ones such as mixed DSL, 3G/4G and local networks. This allows you to deploy campus wide, citywide, nationwide, or global signage networks and manage them simply and efficiently from a single terminal. Works in DHCP or non-static IP networks! Our clients have managed thousands of displays from a single server. Aside from the concept of Playlists, Programmes and Schedules available in MediaSign Lite, MediaSign Enterprise adds a layout editor that creates a concept of a Period which are contents ingested into a fixed layout.

MediaSign Enterprise is web driven, so you can use any modern HTML5 browser to manage your networks with no additional software is required

For hardware options MediaSign Players have two options, a 2K player (Celeron based) and a 4K player (i5 based).  Have the capability of local storage and can output contents such as videos, images, HTML5, RTP/RTSP streams and crawlers.


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