High Quality Affordable Displays

Outdoor LED Displays

Affordable Displays for Outdoor Installations

High Quality

Our Indoor LED displays are manufactured to our quality standards in the best partner factories in the world.  We perform quality control checks  through the manufacturing process and all the way to test, packaging and shipping. We're not a buy and sell operation.

Component Selection

We design our own products, choosing the right components to do the right job.  This helps in ensuring the products last a long time and reduces costs. We also choose the right partner to do the job as each factory has different skillsets.


Our business case for some of our clientele is on a consulting basis. Some of these clients have huge markets and volumes. We design and select the factories and leverage the gross volumes to provide you with great prices!


P8 Steel 

This is our workhorse product. This display uses 960x960 or 1280x960mm  rear serviced cabinet. Its very affordable and can create an HD display at 9.6x5.7m as shown above.  


P6.67 Steel

This is a great display for cost effective high resolution out at smaller display sizes. With viewing distance of 6.7m using a 960x960 or 1280x960mm rear serviced cabinet. 


P4.8  P3.9 P3.1 P2.6 Aluminum

For short distance viewing, you can use our narrow pixel pitch outdoor solutions using a 500x500 or 500x1000mm cabinet.  This family of products are reliable and have been deployed in Europe in high volumes.


Strip Solution

For outdoor installations that require light transmission, as well as glass exterior or lightweight requirements, our strip led solutions are a perfect match. 


Front and Back Serviced Aluminum or Steel

Sometimes you don't have a choice and need to mount the display on a wall without a rear serviced catwalk. This display is thinner and can be serviced from the front or the rear.


Custom and Curved Designs

Contact us for your unique design requirements. We can do curves, corners, and custom cabinets with our cad and electronics design team.

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