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IoT Solution for the Home

Designing and implementing IoT Automation solutions for the home used to be complicated and expensive. Not anymore......

Automation and IoT products typically go to the extremes. On one side is are consumer devices that are integrated to a wifi network and allow to to turn on one or maybe a few types of devices. These are relatively easy to install but don't provide a complete solution for the home. On the other side of the spectrum are complicated and expensive solutions from large brand names which require special programming and designs to implement. V-eCom's smart automation systems use a more practical approach, using devices that are multi functional and affordable.

The ESR16 features sixteen 10A relays and twenty five dry contacts. The dry contacts can have door and motion sensors, conventional switches, momentary switches, and other sensors attach to it and trigger events. It also supports scenes, which are a combination of sequenced and time commands triggered when a scene is called. The design also incorporates a dynamic panel, capable of managing up to 8 HVAC systems and several pages for scenes, lighting, music and security.  The 5IPIR controller supports connections of both PIR motion sensing and Infrared control, allowing management of devices such as air conditioners, entertainment systems and has logic to perform the function of a simple security system. A wifi gateway allows the system to connect to an IP network to interface the automation system to a mobile device. Also a MediaHome Proxy device can be installed to perform logic operations and scheduling as well as security functions of allowing VPN connectivity to secure access to your automation network.

Our newest product, the Hornet is designed for condominiums and subdivisions and apartment complexes and smart cities. A single device features a touch panel, with 14 relays, 4 dimmers, 5 IR outputs, 24 dry contacts, a temperature sensor, one PIR sensor, an IR receiver, simple logic for security, and a wifi gateway, all of this at an affordable price point. Coupled with a MediaHome Proxy, the solution can be implemented in 3 bedroom apartments and condominiums.

Each project is unique in design, programming and requirements. Please contact us directly for any questions or design requirements.

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