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Hotel Automation

Saving Energy and Making Access Simpler

Hotels and Hospitality have two reasons for automating their property. One is for ease of use of their facilities, where guests are provided a user interface that is simpler, intuitive yet impressive. The other reason would be to actually generate energy savings. Ask us about either of these to help your property with costs and quality of service.

IoT and automation are catch phrases which excite people. However many solutions are poorly implemented, leaving an undesired effect.  Many solutions are complex, requiring large amounts of engineering and components which in turn costs more.

One of our objectives in automation is to simplify implementation and integration of automation solutions in the hotel rooms or within common areas of the property. Guests should not have to experience figuring out what the wall switches are for, or how to turn on air conditioning or heating, especially for guests who have a different native language than your own.

A typical guest room will include things like light zones, dimming zones, hvac control and blind/curtain controls along with possible automation of the entertainment system. For many automation providers, this usually entails a dimming module, a lighting module, mutliple panels, an HVAC thermostat controller and at times even a central processor.

An example design looks like this:

Our Zone Beast All-in-one provides multi functionality such as 12 relays, 3 dimmers, HVAC control, Thermostat, and Blind Control in a single device. The Panel with Thermostat has a Thermostat (can control up to 8 units), pages for Scenes, Music Control, Scene Control, Dimming, and Curtain Control. The door bell not only can function as a sign, it also has a RFID card reader, Dry Contacts and the doorbell function, while the bedside panel can function to control HVAC, Lighting and a Master switch. Users can be shown an icon based interface to let them know what each button function is in the bedside, and in the Panel with Thermostat, we can program individual graphic icons in that as well. 

Energy Management:

Many hotels deploy the key card holder as an option to be green and save energy. Unfortunately, they also provide the guest with two key cards. So more often than not, the second card is always inserted in the holder whether the guests is in the room or not. Our smart solution is to use logic an a true occupancy sensor. This device is called the energy aux and has a door sensor and a motion sensor along with a 30A relay. If the door opens, within a specific amount of time determined by the hotel, the energy aux will determine if a motion event occurs. If so, then the room is occupied and the room will be kept energinzed, if not, the relay turns off power in the room. Also, in any case it detects motion while the energy aux is off, it will also ensure the room is energized. This ensures that true occupancy is detected. The energy aux can also be installed all on its own to determine true occupancy and perform energy savings.

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