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High Quality

Our Indoor LED displays are manufactured to our quality standards in the best partner factories in the world.  We perform quality control checks  through the manufacturing process and all the way to test, packaging and shipping. We're not a buy and sell operation.

Component Selection

We design our own products, choosing the right components to do the right job. This helps in ensuring the products last a long time and reduces costs. We also choose the right partner to do the job as each factory has different skillsets.


Our business case for some of our clientele is on a consulting basis. Some of these clients have huge markets and volumes. We design and select the factories and leverage the gross volumes to provide you with great prices!



Ideal for 4m viewing distances, this is an entry level display. This display comes in 500x500 and 500x1000mm cabinets.



This is our workhorse product at 2.6 meter viewing distances. Its affordable for the pixel count, and can produce an HD display at 3.5x2m dimensions and full HD at 5x3m.



Get higher resolution at an amazing price point. This display has a cabinet size of 600x337.5mm and can produce an HD display at 2.4x1.35m and full HD display at 3.6x2m dimensions.



This display is good for conference room sizes as an HD display is 2.4x1.35m and a full HD display is only 3x1.69 meters in size. This cabinet size is 600x337.5mm



For demanding clients who want the best. The P1.25 is virtually indistinguishable from an LED large format monitor. Full HD at 2.4x1.35m sizes with a 600x337.5mm cabinet.


Custom and Curved Designs

Contact us for your unique design requirements. We can do flexible curved, ultra narrow pitch (P0.75) and custom cabinets for special projects.

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