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Interactive Displays


V-eCom has installed it's solution in some of the world's most famous locations including museums, retail spaces and casinos. Be it a custom kiosk or touch device.

Custom Designs

We design both the physical display as well as the software that you will need to make your application interactive. Its a one stop shop for you.


Reliability is critical in our design philosophy. Our hardware designs use a pro-rated design to ensure longevity. We also employ our own players with our own embedded OS to ensure your apps stand the test of time.


Ion Orchard

A famous landmark in Singapore this is a tri-display wayfinding kiosk with advertising. It features a large format capacitive touch film on 10mm glass.


DBS Bank

DBS wanted to feature a facility that would attract the youth to invest in their financial future. This is a touch screen table we implemented in their  Scape Youth Park branch.



Designed to feature a small footprint with a horizontal display, this kiosk is a unique endeavor and features wayfinding software for a mall. 


Raffles City

Another landmark in Singapore, this kiosk is located near the famous Raffles and Stamford Hotels and shows advertising information as well as a 3D map of the stores.


Queue  Software

Driving costs lower, this interactive application includes android touch, printing and digital signage to provide a low cost queue management system.


Touch and Interactive Technologies

We've done it all, IR, Saw, Resistive, Laser, Computer Vision, 3D, and more. Ask us about the different interactive technologies and we can help you design a solution for your needs.

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