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Flexible Wayfinding Solution

V-eCom is one of the first in implementing 2D and 3D wayfinding solutions in asia. Our solutions are cutting edge, allowing 3D rendering on embedded CPUs as well as Windows based CPUs. Unlike many customized wayfinding solutions, MediaDirectory is based on a core platform built from MediaBase, our in house CMS. Because of this, data can be shared across applications such as digital signage, hotel and retail interactive systems and wayfinding. Our wayfinding solutions are heads above competition in terms of ease of use and maintenance.

MediaDirectory features capabilities such as unlimited keyword search, promotions images and videos for each tenant, amenities search, waypoint and path plotting with support for weighting preferred paths, map ingestion and display location mapping.

MediaDirectory is an intelligent wayfinding solution. Clients can easily manage their own store and tenant locations in the 2D and 3D map space of the server. The system is intelligent enough that moving a store which typically meant a major rework on all the paths now means a simple 2D or 3D location pin drop with MediaDirectory auto-calculating the least-cost path to get to that location similar to how your GPS calculates the best route to a location. You can also move your Kiosk location quickly on the back end and the system recalculates the correct paths needed to get your visitors to the right store.

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