High Quality Affordable Displays

Multiprojector Solutions

Projector Blending For a Novel Display

Linking Projectors

Multiprojector Solutions allow linking of several projectors to compose a single image with no "hotspots" when two or more projectors overlap. This is done using edge blending technology.

Large Format Display

This is another type of large format display technology.  Projectors have their own advantages and disadvantages with newer laser or LED projectors having much longer lamp life.


For interesting installations, you can perform warping to "flatten" an irregular shaped projection screen.  Domes, buildings and unique installations can be done with this tech.



Domes are difficult to implement, but with image warping and dome geometry optimization, you can create impressive designs.


Very Large Displays

Merging more than 70 displays gives you amazing guest experience for your retail space.



Even  cylinders are possible with blended projection solutions.


Outdoor Projection System

Evenings are great to perform projection mapping onto buildings, structures, silos and even rock formations.


Complex Mapping

For museums, places of worship multiprojector solutions allow you to differentiate your venue from the norm.


Two Projector Ultra Wide

This is a V-eCom Custom solution using our own implementation of an ultra wide blended projector. It uses two LED projectors and are great on walls, ceilings or floors for signage. The wonderful part is that it costs less than three ultra narrow bezel displays!

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