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Energy Aux

Guest Room Energy Savings

Energy Management:

Many hotels deploy the key card holder as an option to be green and save energy. Unfortunately, they also provide the guest with two key cards. So more often than not, the second card is always inserted in the holder whether the guests is in the room or not. Our smart solution is to use logic an a true occupancy sensor. This device is called the energy aux and has a door sensor and a motion sensor along with a 30A relay. If the door opens, within a specific amount of time determined by the hotel, the energy aux will determine if a motion event occurs. If so, then the room is occupied and the room will be kept energinzed, if not, the relay turns off power in the room. Also, in any case it detects motion while the energy aux is off, it will also ensure the room is energized. This ensures that true occupancy is detected. The energy aux can also be installed all on its own to determine true occupancy and perform energy savings.

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