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An Intel NUC Hardware based Videoconferencing Server

The New Normal Has changed the way we live, work, and play. Adapting to changes can be difficult, especially for communications and sharing of information and ideas. Our objective is to help small and medium sized organizations communicate better using a cost effective solution.

Popular videoconferencing solutions in the market are most often cloud based, and typically employ the freemium business model, where users can avail of video conferencing services for free with limitations (usually time based where the maximum duration of the conference is set at an hour or less). The problem with this model is that although an hour may be acceptable for personal meetings,  for business and collaborative purposes the time limit imposed is too short, as meetings and conferences usually take more than an hour, as these systems count the setup time as well as the time for participants to register and log in.

For users to access the service for a longer duration, these service providers offer paid services which are usually monthly charges billed per user or host. The costs of these services can be expensive over time ranging from hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars for a corporate account.

Also, many organizations cannot also afford expensive and hard to maintain videoconferencing systems. Operating a video conference system takes a lot of resources and technical expertise that small and medium sized enterprises may not be able to spare.

To address this, V-eCom designed MediaConf, an Intel NUC architecture based video conferencing server which runs on an embedded operating system. This appliance based solution simplifies the operation and maintenance of the video conferencing system resulting in an easy to use and cost effective solution for the new normal.

  • SFU ARCHITECTURE - The selective forwarding unit architecture employs what is effectively a video packet router pushing the multiple video streams to the clients. Each of the clients send three different sized streams to the server which routes the appropriate stream based on demand of the clients connected to that conference. This architecture means there is a much smaller requirement for CPU compared to MCU topologies which require video processing at the video conference server, decoding,  manipulating and converting the various video streams to a single stream. SFU architectures are much more scalable but pass the processing and decode of multiple video streams to the client and can take more bandwidth that the MCU topology.
  • EASY AND SIMPLE - To configure MediaConf, all you need is a FQDN (fully qualified domain name) and an Internet connection with a "Live" or routable IP.  
  • EMBEDDED SYSTEM - MediaConf uses V-eCom's embedded operating system. This means that maintenance and management of the server is easy. No need to keep updating individual packages and software or maintaining the server.  MediaConf has an application store to allow users to download the latest version of the package. Manage MediaConf like a conventional wifi router via a web browser.
  • SECURE AND PRIVATE - MediaConf secures your investment by protecting your system from being used by unauthorized parties. Create Moderator or User accounts to limit who has access to the server. Only Moderators are allowed to schedule and must host conferences. You can create anonymous based conferences but these must always be attended by at least one Moderator. Moderators can kick out users as well as end conferences.
  • BANDWITH OPTIMIZATION - Video conferences use up precious bandwidth. Control what your system consumes by configuring parameters in MediaConf to balance how your server consumes this resource.
  • WEBRTC CLIENT - MediaConf does not require you to download client software, reducing the overhead of maintaining different pieces of software for various devices. All you need is a WebRTC compliant browser (Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Edge/Opera or their variants) with access to a camera and microphone and you are ready to go. 
  • DESKTOP AND MOBILE SUPPORT - Works on Windows/Mac/iOS or Android without additional software with an option to use native apps for mobiles.
  • SCALABLE - Several MediaConf servers can be meshed together to form a network. Devices can log in based on geography and conserve bandwidth and reduce latency using this topology. All of this with a unified authentication engine.
  •  CHOOSE THE RIGHT PRODUCT - MediaConf comes in Lite, Standard and Enterprise variants. Each variant handles a fixed number of concurrent conferences and participants per conference which is dependent on the hardware specs of the MediaConf device you purchased and the bandwidth available to the server.
  • INTEL HARDWARE - MediaConf is installed on Intel produced hardware called the NUC, resulting in a reliable, high quality hardware product that you can count on.


MediaConf Lite Datasheet

Download the MediaConf Lite Datasheet


MediaConf Standard Datasheet

Download the MediaConf Standard Datasheet


MediaConf Enterprise Datasheet

Download the MediaConf Enterprise Datasheet


MediaConf Presentation

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