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MediaTV is V-eCom’s Flagship Hotel and Hospitality Product. The system integrates all control functions of a hospitality room into a single interface be it a remote, a tablet, or a keyboard, providing access to entertainment and room control in a single package.

MediaTV is a flexible system the following functionalities are possible:

  1. Entertainment system – Video On Demand with two models: Licensed content and Video Library
  2. Room Control System - Control all devices in your room
  3. Internet Service Connection Manager – Billable Internet services on Wired, Wireless and TV
  4. PMS Interface – Integration to your Property Management System
  5. IPTV encoders – Live conversion of Cable or Satellite TV to IPTV
  6. RF System Integration – Control the TV to manage RF, Satellite or Cable STBs
  7. Music On Demand – Music library playback
  8. Internet On TV – Browse using a keyboard and your TV
  9. Hotel Pages – Hotel Services and Facilities
  10. Promotions and Ads – Ingest your promotions and deliver it to your guests
  11. Room service module – Ingest room service options and send orders to your F&B system
  12. Service Requests module – Forward requests of extra blankets and pillows directly to engineering services or housekeeping.

MediaHome is a residential entertainment product focused at integrating many of your home entertainment needs. MediaHome is based on a closed user group library system of contents which can be managed by an operator or value added service provider.

Contents are managed centrally by third party providers of content and delivered to devices using the bittorrent protocol. MediaHome users can also subscribe to publicly available torrent files to download contents. Each display will have a cost effective Android based MediaHome STB client/player with the MediaHome APK. These devices in turn work with the MediaHome server to perform the tasks of managing local and downloaded contents.

The MediaHome system supports functions such as user accounts so that contents such as movies and videos can track an individual user logged into a MediaHome STB Client. Downloads are performed in the background after a request by the MediaHome server. Centrally managing contents, the MediaHome Server allows the user to perform cover art and synopsis detection as well as upload of user generated contents such as family videos, photos and music. It also has tight integration to SmartHomeG4 gateways and devices, allowing a SmartHomeG4 integrator to provide an entertainment solution that can be managed using the MediaHome Server to configure addressing , functionality and location of automation services. MediaHome also manages assets such as devices, displays and rooms, allowing mapping of room control functions to a physical space in your household.

MediaTV supports two types of room control systems:

  • KNX
  • SmartHomeG4

For the hospitality and residential markets, V-eCom can implement an integrated solution for your needs. An example below shows a typical hospitality setup:

The sample system above controls the following with just a few devices:

  1. Lighting zones
  2. Dimmable Lighting Zones
  3. Power Switch Zones
  4. Door Bell
  5. Door sensors
  6. Energy Management
  7. Mifare Card support
  8. Beside easy access panel
  9. Mood or scene settings
  10. Blind control
  11. HVAC
  12. Temperature sensor
  13. Motion Sensor
  14. Energy Management

The system is flexible and can be designed to solve many of your facilities automation needs. It is also quite extremely effective. These solutions have been implemented in many world class malls, hotels, entertainment centers, places of worship, retail, food and beverage, services apartments and offices, and resorts to name a few. Automation can encompass a wide range of functionalities. Please contact us for a direct design consultation session.

Our automation systems can also be a cost effective energy management system, detecting if a room is occupied. The system can also be intelligent enough to make energy saving decisions based on either a local decision process (in-room) or via a central server which can determine by time of day what rulesets to apply to conserve energy. Please see our energy management pages for further information.