Energy Management Products

Streetlight Management Systems

Energy is precious and even critical systems such as street lamps can be controlled and managed to offer several benefits:

  1. Know what your asset is doing – Our LED. Or HPS outdoor lighting controllers have internal measurement capabilities for input voltage, temperature, power consumption, power factor, lamp hour measurement and lamp status. Each lamp is GPS position mapped so the asset can be tracked and managed as a group or individually.
  2. Control to turn on and off lamps are the right time - Our MediaBase system integrates a sunset and sunrise calculator coupled with the GPS location to determine exactly when to turn on the street lamps. Imagine not having to worry about sending people over to manually do so.
  3. Dimming and Eye Adaptation – It takes your eye around 20 minutes to adapt to the dark, because of this, our system allows you to manage your lamp brightness (and therefore its power consumption) turning on the lamp from 100% 20 minutes after sunset and slowly reducing the output brightness over time as the human eye adjusts to the environment. The difference directly translates to savings.
  4. Reduced operational manpower for support – The system alerts you when the lamps are offline. This means lower costs in manpower and effort to visually inspect thousands or even hundreds of thousands of street lamps.
  5. Data communications – Our control system uses wired or wireless solutions for low bandwidth communication in a large nodal network. This allows us to integrate environmental and safety functionalities on a large physical network. Talk to us on how to integrate flood and motion sensors as well as safety controls onto the streetlamp network.

Wired solutions use a narrowband powerline communications system to transmit lamp information to the gateways. Lamps can be strung in a straight line or in branches, with maximum distances going up to 1.5 Km. Our wired solutions also include wireless bridges to allow access to non-contiguous powerline networks.

Our wireless network deploy an industry standard mesh network which allows quick and easy deployment of lamps which may be totally non-contiguous. Mesh networks allow point to multipoint connectivity.