Display Products


Using proprietary solutions from a partner, V-eCom can deliver innovative multi projection based technology to highlight your digital signage solutions. The system applies computer vision based video processing to stitch together multiple projector sources and apply them to flat or warped surfaces and even uneven surfaces to create a stunning image. Objects can be flat surfaces, warped surfaces and even domes. The solution is not dependent on strict physical alignment of projectors which is critical in providing a quick and consistent way to calibrate the display.

A 10% to 15% overlap of projectors is needed to create the blend. However after computer vision processing, hot spots on the overlap are quickly managed and blended to provide a seamless implementation of the display. The solution provides a single unified desktop so Windows Aero based applications can take advantage of a desktop.

Along with the solution, V-eCcom also has developed its own low-end dual blended LED projector solution, which works on flat surfaces in dark environments. Using two low power LED projectors allows bars and night clubs the capability to show stunning ultra-wide video driven by V-eCom’s MediaSign engine running 12 or more hours a day as the projector lamp life is >20000hrs. Configuration is also independent of exact projector alignment as the solution uses on-screen manual calibration for edge blending.

Dual Projector Installation