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LED Displays

LED billboard display quality varies considerably, with many Chinese assemblers simply putting together publicly available components of LED modules, public housing cabinets, low end power supplies and transmission equipment and selling this at a cutthroat price. This results in products that might work when initially burned in but over time, exhibits cascade failures from poor soldering, low quality components and bad power supplies. A majority of LED suppliers fall into this category which in turn, translates to quality issues over the lifetime of the LED display.

It is important to understand some of the pitfalls of producing LED displays since each RGB pixel has a minimum of 4 to 6 possible solder failure points. A small 4x3 meter sized P6 display will have over 1.3 Million possible points of failure just on the LED lamps alone, 4 times the actual pixel resolution of the display. Another issue is the LED chip quality where many of the suppliers pick end batch high sigma wavelength distribution LED chips, which lead to poor color linearity and bad white balance. Worse is these factories use LED chips with very low LM80 ratings which tests for the time that the LEDS lose 20% of their brightness.

At V-eCom we source our LED billboards directly from premiere partner factories that undergo rigid quality testing. We design and source our solutions understanding issues such as white balance, module encapsulation quality, driving IC quality, vibration and mechanical failure points, power supply quality, electrical and connection failure points just to name a few. Our sourcing arm has large volume purchase capabilities sourcing thousands of square meters of LED billboards for European and Western markets. Because of this we are able to leverage the best price quality ratio to fit our client’s needs and budgets.

During the manufacture of your displays, our on-site engineers ensure all aspects of the manufacturing processes meet high standards. Included in our inspection process are ECN change documentation, IQC, manufacturing inspection, 24-48 hour burn in, high intensity long duration vibration tests (to simulate shipping and test for poor solder connections), and packing and shipping inspections . Through these efforts we are able to provide you with hassle free solutions for the indoor or outdoor LED billboard needs.

Indoor HD Displays

P1.3 P1.5 P1.8 – Extreme HD

Contact us for custom designs of your ultra small pitch LED displays here

P2.6 - HD26A and HD26B

The P2.6 display comes in both 500x500 or 500x1000mm aluminum cabinet sizes. It is our most cost effective HD display under 3mm. Due to our volumes and relationships, competitors cannot match our price on this product. Ask us about a curved version as well.

Curved HD26B Installation

P3.9 – HD39B and HD39C


The HD39B series is our premiere product. Its performance is top notch as they are designed with the highest quality components and meet the toughest requirements of our discerning clientele. The HD39C is designed with a more balanced approach with tradeoffs between price and performance. The HD39C product is our sweet spot for indoor displays greater than the 3mm pitch and is the lowest cost P3.9 display in our lineup. A full HD screen is 7.5x5 meters (1920x1024) and is perfect for ballrooms, casinos, hotels and restaurants.

HD39C Installation

HD39B Custom Installation

Outdoor HD Displays

P10.41 LED Strip – ODS1041A

The strip technology has the following benefits:

  1. With the gaps between the strips, the cabinet allows your building to “breathe”. It performs well in windy installations such as building toppers, parking structures and beach front installations.
  2. Special encapsulation methods with larger LED chips allow us more light efficiency. Compared to steel cabinet installations this technology averages 180watts/sq meter of power consumption compared to 280watts/sq meter for traditional P10 steel cabinet displays.
  3. Vertical or Horizontal Display capabilities. Our various models can do either vertical or horizontal designs.
  4. Plastic housing also results in lower weight per square meter. It also is resistant to rust.
  5. Compatible with our MediaSign digital signage players which can control the brightness of this display.
Ask us about a P16 version as well.

P4.6 Outdoor display – OD48C

The OD48C is the cousin of our indoor P3.9 product. They share the same aluminum cabinet. However this product features a high resolution outdoor LED module with modifications to the power supply enclosure to enable it to be water resistant for outdoor installations. This product is very cost effective for its resolution. The OD48C is extremely lightweight and consumes a relatively low 180W per sq meter of nominal power. This product is perfect for smaller display sizes close to the intended viewer such as road median displays, overpass installations, street level displays and building wrap arounds.

P6 P8 P10 Premium Outdoor Displays OD60A OD80A OD100A


This type of premium outdoor displays have been deployed and installed in Europe and the Americas exceeding standards set in these markets. This line of products feature both front and back service ports, lightweight construction and high performance and quality.

P10 Conventional Outdoor Steel Cabinet - OD100C

The OD100C is our high quality steel cabinet construction display. The workhorse of many outdoor displays is the steel construction and extreme cost effectivity. With the lowest price per sq meter, the OD100C attempts to balance cost and quality at an extremely aggressive price.

P8 HD Outdoor Screen