Energy Management Products

Energy Aux

If you are in the hospitality business or in property rentals, one of the larger variable cost to operating your property is in energy consumption. Even hotels that enforce key card energy management switches, many times these switches are simply overridden by inserting an alternative physical card bypassing any energy savings when the guest is out of the room. Even key card energy systems that use a contactless card can be bypassed as many of the guests simply request a second key to the room and leave that key in while they are out.

Energy Aux is a simple and cost effective solution to saving energy. It forgoes the requirements of a card holder and instead, works at determining room occupancy. The process is straightforward as there are only three components (Energy Aux, IR Motion Sensor and Door Sensor) that need be installed to enable this which is shown in the figure below:

The Energy Aux principle detects room occupancy by a deterministic ruleset. The logic starts with detecting when the door opens. When the door opens, the system will wait for a specific amount of time (typically 5-10 minutes). If motion is detected, then the Energy Aux system ensures that power is supplied to the room. However, if no motion is detected after a door open event, then it activates a 35 A power switch to turn off all power in the room. Once motion is detected in the room it will always check to ensure that power is turned on. The solution is simple yet elegant as it does not require the guest to assist in determining if the room is occupied. For larger rooms, multiple motion sensors can be added in parallel to offer more room coverage. The result of this investment is a return on investment in a matter of as little as 6 months assuming 80% occupancy and 6 hours of wasted power per room.

Adding a small investment of an IP gateway and some software, it is also possible to determine in real time which rooms in your property are occupied which is a powerful tool in understanding how your property performs. It also can detect fraudulent room “moonlighting” or room out of order sales where employees use or rent out rooms that are not recorded in the hotel PMS because they room was assigned as out of order.